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There’s always been a lot of interest in my workspace and I can understand why – it’s always interesting seeing how others have their workspace setup, why they chose what they chose and why they have it laid out like they do.

I wanted to share my brief workspace evolution since moving in to my office this time last year (June 2015). Most of it has remained the same with a few tweaks here and there.

This is from when we first got the office. This is our main work area. There is an additional office room behind where I’ve taken this pic, and two more rooms downstairs. Those stairs you see are simple the way to a fire exit.

This is what my finished setup looked like in Summer 2015. I have the 5K iMac on top of a wooden finish Linnmon table top from IKEA. The trestle, drawers, desk mat and fake plant are from IKEA. The chair is a Herman Miller Aeron.

I ended up changing the table top to a white one. No reason why really, I just wanted something different. Also got a nice framed jellyfish print from IKEA.

I added the Bose Companion 50s speakers – they’re amazing. I had been looking for a good set of speakers for a while and these pack ridiculously amazing sound in such a small package.

Not much changed here. The headphones are from AIAIAI.

This is what the setup currently looks like. I added a DELL P2415Q display to the setup. It rotates out of the box. Now you’re probably wondering why is it rotated? Well I’ve moved on to doing a lot more front-end code work alongside my regular design stuff – having a portrait display makes coding a much more pleasant experience. I can code on the Dell display and preview everything on the iMac. Because the iMac screen is so big, I can have the desktop, tablet and mobile version of a website all up at the same time!

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