Video & Photo Setup

Last updated May 2024.

The gear I use for all of my videos and photos. This page is always being kept up to date. Keep coming back regularly to see any updates to this setup.

For video I shoot in S-Log-3 with S-Gamut3.Cine as my picture profile. I don’t make any changes to the picture profile.

You can use one of my correction LUTs designed for S-Log-3 footage. I also have my own LUT that I apply to my videos. You can download that here ->.

If you’re interested in detail on how I make my videos I have a course –

For photos I usually shoot in aperture priority, everything else auto.

Correction LUTs

The correction LUTs I use for my footage. They work across the A7S III, FX3 and the A7 IV. Very easy to apply and are a good starting base to correct your footage.

LUT 01

I use the same color grade LUT across all of my footage. I simply adjust the intensity. It’s what helps me keep a consistent look across all of my videos.

Lightroom Presets Collection

All of the presets I use across all of my photos. 10 different presets in the collection. Each preset has been carefully customised to match the exact style and look you see across all of my photography on Instagram and Twitter.


Sony FX3

I use this as my main YouTube camera for video. It primarily is used for a-roll and in the studio. Great for extended shooting sessions due to the built-in fan for cooling.

Sony ZV-E1 front of camera showing sensor

Sony ZV-E1

A new addition to my kit. I use this for shooting short clips for things like b-roll and portrait content for socials. Would not recommend for long shooting sessions as it can overheat and shutdown. It’s so small and light which is perfect for what I need it for.

Sony a7 IV

This is my B-cam and I use it to shoot video and photos in the studio alongside the FX3. Really good for photos due to the dedicated photo/video switcher and it’s 33MP.

Sony a7c II

My main photography camera that I use when travelling. Love the size and compactness of it. I usually like to use it with the 35mm, 50mm and 28-200mm listed below. It’s based on the A7 IV so it has all of the same video functionality.


Sony 24mm f/1.4

My main a-roll lens you see on the tech channel. Incredible quality and with that low aperture, I get shallow depth of field.

Sony 50mm f/1.8

I use this mostly for a-roll on the Oliur Online channel. I also like to use it to take pictures as the focal length and not so perfect background blur I like a lot.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

I use this mostly for b-roll. The most versatile lens amongst my whole collection. If I had to choose one lens do it all it would either be this or the Sigma I’ve listed below.

Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8

A very recent purchase that is pretty much a backup and goes alongside the Tamron. It’s nice being able to have two very similar lenses for my workflow as I have multiple cameras. This is also smaller and lighter than the Tamron so ideal for carrying.

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8

I use this mostly for super wide-angle shots. Used a lot for vlogging segments and car shoots. It’s great for shooting interiors.

Sony 90mm f/2.8

My macro lens that I use to get close up detail shots.

Sony 35mm f/1.8

The lens I use mostly for travel photography. Love the small size of it and the focal length is great for everyday photography.

Tamron 28-200mm

Incredibly versatile lens. Mostly used for travel. Can get wide shoots as well as very compressed long range shots.


XLR-K3M – This goes on top of the camera and lets me record high quality XLR mic audio straight into the camera. Removing the step of having to record audio separately and sync them up later.

Neewer Pencil Condenser Mic – Current mic for nearly all a-roll. It’s super cheap but it does the job. I do need to invest in a better mic but I get compliments about mic quality so I haven’t rushed into getting a new one yet.

DJI Mic II – Wireless mic system for when I’m not in a static environment. Records high quality 32-bit audio and it can record internally so I don’t even need the receiver sometimes.

Hollyland Lark M2 – Another wireless mic system that’s a bit more convenient due to how small the transmitters are. Not as good as the DJI Mic II when it comes to quality.

Logi Blue Sona – When I want to get close to the mic and get the podcast vibe, this is the one. I think it’s better than the famous SM7B. Audio quality is amazing.

Rode PodMic – Very similar to the Logi Blue Sona. Not as good but it’s close. One feature it has the Logi Blue Sona doesn’t have is USB-C. Easy to connect to a computer for high quality audio recordings and for video calls.

Elgato Mic Arm – Low profile mic arm. Super high quality and love the design.

Deity V-Mic Duo – Cool little on-the-go mic that goes on top of my camera.


Nanlite 300b – Very bright light which I like to use to light up a room or a large area. I also use it as a keylight depending on the situation, and it can act as a background light.

Nanlite Pavoslim 120c – A super slim LED flex panel light which is flexible for many different scenarios. I use it as keylight, top down light, lighting a background…etc.

Nanlite Pavotube 6c and Pavotube 15c – Tube lights that I like to use for various different b-roll shots and for accent lighting.

Neewer Softbox 80x80cm – My main soft box I use for pretty much everything.

Govee Floor Lamp – The tube light you see in the background of the a-roll on my tech channel.


Portkeys P6 – On camera screen. It’s ok but I should probably get a better one. They discontinued it so I’m linking to the PT5 which is the successor.


Smallrig VB50 – One of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s a battery that can do it all. As well as being a V-mount, it also has USB-C, USB-A and barrel port. You can connect it to nearly anything. Comes in clutch for so many different devices.

Tripods and Rigging Gear

Neewer Pro Boom Stand – I use this for overhead shots. Can mount my camera to it and it holds the weight no problem. Helps me get the top-down shots in unboxing videos. Can also mount lights to it.

Neewer Heavy Duty Light Stand – Useful light stand I use around the studio because it’s on wheels. Easy to move around and handles heavy lights well.

Manfrotto Tripod – My main tripod for all of my cameras.

Manfrotto Video Head – My main tripod head that is perfect for smooth panning shots.


For music I’m not tied to any particular service, I like to explore different places. YouTube’s audio library is free and easy.

Epidemic Sound and Musicbed are the two I currently use most. I’d say both are as good as each other. Really down to personal preference which one you choose as they both have huge libraries.


Final Cut Pro is my current video editing app.

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