Tamron 28-200mm – My New Favourite All-Round Photography Lens

Tamron have been releasing lenses for the Sony E-mount system at a blistering pace and they very recently released the Tamron 28-200mm. I was very close to buying the 70-180mm but when I saw this 28-200mm, I ended up buying that instead.

I wanted a lens that could zoom in somewhat far as I’ve started to love shooting at longer focal lengths recently. This 28-200mm is the best of both worlds. You can get wide angle 28mm shots whilst also zooming all the way to 200mm.

The most amazing thing about it is how small it is for such a wide zoom range. It’s also surprisingly light too. Obviously it still looks huge compared to my Sony a7c but I can easily carry this around with me when going on walks, unlike some other lenses that have a longer focal length.

At 28mm the lens is collapsed and can be locked into place with the lock switch.

When zoomed all the way to 200mm the lens starts extending out and it does extend out quite far. Weight still isn’t an issue here for me when shooting handheld.

When purchasing a lens I’m not too focused on it being the sharpest or having absolutely perfect image output so those aren’t things I measure. I care more about what a lens can do for me and how it can help me create images that I want.

For me this lens is sharp enough. The autofocus is also very snappy on my a7c. With Sony cameras getting better and better at autofocus I rarely have any focusing issues. Most of my out of focus shots are down to my own fault, whether it be the wrong focus mode or not having steady hands.

Shot at 200mm.

With the Sony a7c IBIS I can quite easily shoot at 200mm handheld. In fact it’s the focal length I shoot at most with this lens because I’m so confident with it.

It’s incredible how sharp and flat images look at 200mm. I loved shooting these facades in London. All of the intricacy can easily be seen.

Even with the not-so-low aperture of this lens you can still get some nice subject isolation.

Another great example of subject isolation. The wooden steps are tack sharp with everything else having a smooth gradual fall off.

I am seriously impressed with this lens and for the price it goes for I’d actually recommend it for anyone who is looking to get into photography on a Sony camera, I actually can’t believe how affordable it is. If you do more video work, I’d recommend the 28-75mm f/2.8 instead. This is going to be my primary photography lens on my Sony a7c going forward.

Amazon link – Tamron 28-200mm

All photos edited in Lightroom using my Lightroom presets.

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  1. It’s always good vibes and I’m always learning something when I look at your content. Keep creating and keep inspiring others. Thank you Oliur.

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