Minimal Icons

A minimal icon set with over 50 icons for popular apps. Perfect for giving your homescreen a clean and minimalist look. Updating regularly with highly requested icons and more colours coming soon. Wallpaper is also included in the pack.

Free updates forever!

Here is a quick guide on how to apply them.

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14 thoughts on “Minimal Icons

  1. That’s “crazy”!!
    In spite of loving the colors of the iPhone icons, this is amazing! Clean, simple, and, resuming, like you said: minimal!
    Love it!
    And the new iOS (48 hours later), looks fine on my XR.

    I hope everything is going well with you and your process.

  2. Looks great! My calendar looks really different by the way. It always shows me my upcoming activities or ‘not any activities for today’. I just want the date really big! Any advise?

  3. Just purchased these. Partly because I love the look but also to show some support for you, Oliur. Press on, brother! Rooting for you.

  4. Looking great! Just got them and had fun to restructure my apps! Also I follow you cause your Tesla M3 looks dope 🙂 keep it up and keep fighting 💪

  5. Hey man! Doing a great job! love your work ❤
    I wanted to know how did you create this icons would be a great help if you upload a video about it on your youtube channel.
    Hope you are having a speedy recovery.☮

  6. I love the design. It really brings out the aesthetic. Although, I will have to get used to the apps jumping to shortcuts first before going to the designated app. Other than that, a very solid creation and purchase.

  7. These look amazing! I just wish I could find an icon pack that blends into the color of the dock for a cleaner look.

  8. I am inspired by your creative and it is really good that you can do something you are enjoying. I have supported. thanks

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