M1 MacBook Pro Workspace Setup

After recently upgrading to the M1 MacBook Pro, I decided to do a workspace makeover. I pretty much changed everything apart from what’s on the walls.

You can watch the video above to find out a lot more detail about the setup and why I made the choices I made.

I decided to put the LG 5K monitor and MacBook on a monitor arm and laptop tray to free up space on the desk itself. The monitor stand that came with the LG 5K monitor takes up a lot of space.

The desk itself is quite shallow at only 24″ but I like shallow desks as my office in my home isn’t the largest. It’s 60″ wide though which is the perfect length alongside this wall.

I have a ULX leather desk mat on the desk to protect it from scratches and scraping from the keyboard and mouse.

The M1 MacBook Pro is my main machine. I’ve upgraded the RAM to 16GB and the SSD to 1TB. It’s an amazing machine and blows my year old 5K iMac out of the water. It handles my 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 Sony A7S III footage very well in Final Cut Pro. It also handles Sketch files very well. So it’s the perfect machine for my current workflow.

I have an LG 5K UltraFine monitor hooked up to the MacBook. I love the 5K display on the iMac and this monitor is as close as it gets. It may not have the thinnest bezels or most striking design but I don’t care as it’s perfect for my work and that’s what matters most.

The walnut finish on this desk is incredible.

My office chair is the Herman Miller Aeron. You can’t go wrong with a Herman Miller chair and this is a classic. Very comfortable and good for your back.

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