Video Editor for Oliur Online

I’m looking for a part-time/contractor video editor for my Oliur Online channel. The ideal person will have edited YouTube videos before and has a great understanding of what makes a video engaging.

  • Edit videos from start to finish
  • Include animations and effects wherever needed
  • Include stock footage
  • A good understanding of audio design, use engaging music and sound effects to add to the emotion of videos
  • Have a good understanding of my branding, and use that in the videos
  • Fast internet connection of course
  • Quick turnaround – ideally be able to have a video ready in 24 hours

How to apply: Take one of my videos on Oliur Online and edit it to make it better. Include animations, audio and stock footage. Doesn’t have to be for a whole video, can only be for a couple minutes. Show me what you can do. Then put the job title in the subject over on the contact page.

Marketing / Sales

I’m looking for a marketing/sales person to help take my business to the next level. The ideal person would have unique ideas for marketing and would already have some experience in online marketing.

  • Help increase sales in all parts of the business
  • Put together various marketing plans for different products
  • Be able to pivot quickly
  • Put together deals and manage them from start to finish
  • Work with other people in the team to achieve objectives
  • Salary: Ideally commission only (generous percentage) but will consider fixed salary too
  • Remote or in-person, we’re flexible

How to apply: Head over to the contact page and enter the job role title in the subject. Include resume/CV or website.

Writer / Researcher / Scripting

I’m looking for a writer/researcher to help with either or both of my YouTube channels. The ideal person would help come up with original or trending topics that can be covered in videos.

  • Be able to think outside the box when it comes to video ideas
  • List 5-10 video ideas a month to then have them whittled down to 2-4 possible videos
  • Show possible previous topics/videos that have done well on YouTube and how they can also do well on my channels
  • Have a great understanding of my audience
  • Have an incredible understanding of video content, especially on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram
  • Write the full scripts in my voice and style
  • Come up with sequencing, storyboards, shots…etc that can help envision the video
  • Part-time/contractor/freelance role
  • Remote or in-person
  • Salary dependant on experience

How to apply: Head over to the contact page and enter the job role title in the subject. Include resume/CV or website. Share a few video ideas that you think could work, and write a full script or share a previous one you’ve made in a previous job.

Sponsorship Sales

I’m looking for someone to help bring in more sponsors for my various social profiles. The ideal person would have connections in the industry and is able to negotiate deals.

  • Find brands that fit the “Oliur / UltraLinx” style and aesthetic
  • Connect with the right people at companies
  • Negotiate deals
  • Priority is to find sponsors for Instagram and TikTok
  • Contractor/Freelancer
  • Commission only (salary position can be considered)

How to apply: Head over to the contact page and enter the job role title in the subject. Share a few brands you think would be a good fit and why.