How to install Lightroom Presets on Mobile

This is a quick guide on how to install presets on the Lightroom Mobile app.

  1. Once you’ve purchased the preset, you’ll need to download them.

2. Hit the download button in the top right. Then hit the search icon.

3. Hit the zip file to have it extract.

4. Go to Lightroom mobile and hit the import button in the bottom right.

5. Select from Files.

6. Navigate to wherever you saved the presets and tap on the folder.

7. Go to the Mobile folder.

8. Import all of the photos in here. The presets names are the file names.

9. Once imported you might not see all of the photos so we need to sort them. Hit the three dots in the top right.

10. Select the “Sort by” option.

11. Select “Import Date”.

12. Select one of the imported photos. And hit the three dots in the circle, top right of the screen.

13. Hit “Create Preset”.

14. Then name your preset.

15. Repeat for each photo imported. And you’re done!