How to install Lightroom Presets on Mobile

This is a quick guide on how to install presets on the Lightroom Mobile app.

This is for those who don’t have Lightroom desktop and would prefer to do it all on mobile.

We’ll be importing DNG photos that have the presets on them. Then adding those presets to our library.

  1. I will assume you have already downloaded them to your phone.

2. Hit the download button in the top right. Then hit the search icon.

3. Hit the zip file to have it extract.

4. Open Lightroom and tap on “All Photos”.

5. Hit “Create new” at the bottom. We’ll be making a new photo album to put our photos into.

6. Name the album “Presets” will then make it easier to find them whenever you want to copy and paste edits.

7. Hit the import button in the bottom right.

8. Choose “Files”.

9. Navigate to wherever you saved the presets. Tap on the folder.

10. Tap on “Mobile”

11. Tap on each photo to select them all. Then hit “Open” in the top right.

12. Tap on a photo to open it up.

13. When you have a photo open hit the three dots icon in the top right.

14. Hit “Create Preset”

15. Name your preset and then hit the tick icon.

16. Repeat for each photo imported. And you’re done! You can then apply the presets to any of your photos.