How I Sell My Digital Assets

When it comes to selling digital assets online, there’s a fair number of ways of going about it. You could use popular e-commerce sites such as Shopify and Woocommerce.

There’s one service that I’ve been using for years and I recommend to anyone else, and that’s Gumroad.

There’s quite a few reasons as to why I use Gumroad to sell my digital assets which I want to run through:

1. It’s super easy to sign up and get started.

Their process from uploading a product to having it up for sale is so quick and easy. You have to give it a try yourself to see how easy it is.

2. No need to set up your own website.

You don’t even need to go through the hassle of setting up your own website. Gumroad gives you your own profile and the ability to link directly to products — this is ideal for people who mostly have a following on social media.

3. VAT is handled by Gumroad

You don’t have to think about VAT. If you sell digital products in the UK and in the EU, you have to take into account VAT. Gumroad handles this all for you, charging the appropriate tax based on the customer location and pays it for you. Great way to make your own taxes a lot easier!

4. Keep your customer info

You get to retain all of your customer information. When a customer places an order you can keep all of their info such as email address, physical address and whatever else. Making it super easy to get in touch with customers. Also a great way to move your customer info to another platform in the future, if you ever need to.

5. Easy analytics

Gumroad has a built-in analytics tool that lets you see information such as product views, sales numbers, revenue and where they’re coming from.

6. You can set up all different types of products

Want to sell a single product right away? Want to set up a pre-order for a product? Want to have different product variants at different prices? Or you want to set up a membership? Gumroad can do all of that.

7. Embed it into your website

If you have a website already, you can easily embed Gumroad, making it a seamless customer experience without them ever leaving your site. Gumroad has pre-built codes and scripts that you simply copy and paste into the page on your website and it’ll just work.

8. Reasonable pricing

Gumroad isn’t the cheapest way to sell digital assets but for everything that you get included and is already built for you, it’s definitely the most reasonable. They have two plans, one where you pay no monthly fee and only get charged when you sell an item. Gumroad takes 5% and then there’s a 3.5% charge fee too, which totals 8.5%.

I’m a huge fan of Gumroad and highly recommend checking it out if you want to sell any digital goods online or set up your own membership programme.

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  1. Thank you man for recomend me use Gumroad, I’ve been watching you and analysts you before you made the post and see that you use Gumroad, after that I try to sell with Gumroad like you did. Really happy with you recommendation.

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