My Everyday Gear – Early 2017

I use a variety of tech and gear everyday to get me by and I wanted to share what works for me and may also work for you. My aim is always to keep a good mix of stuff that is useful but also affordable.

5K iMac

By far the most important bit of tech for me is my 5K iMac. I would not be able to do my job as a designer and developer without it. This is pretty much a base 2015 model with a 1TB Fusion Drive. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB from 8GB. It’s been more than capable enough for me and rarely ever feels slow. It also handles 4K video editing like a breeze when using Final Cut Pro. Just an all round great machine.

5K iMac with Fusion Drive

MacBook Pro

When I’m on the go I use a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro. I upgraded this one to have 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. It’s a great machine when on the go and for designing in Sketch or coding. But it’s not great for running resource intensive stuff like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. I have my iMac for that stuff though. I am looking to upgrade in the next year so this won’t be part of my arsenal for long.

13-inch MacBook Pro

External Displays

My two go to monitors right now are the DELL P2415Q and P2715Q. They’re fantastic 4K monitors that are great for connecting my MacBook up to. I also sometimes have the 24-inch one rotated and connected to my iMac to give me a coding display. Color accuracy on them both is great with some color calibration, you still won’t get as good as the 5k iMac though.

Dell P2415Q and P2715Q

iPhone 7

My everyday phone is the iPhone 7 and I’ve been running the iPhone since the 4S. Many ask why I don’t have the Plus, mainly because I prefer the size of the normal 7. I don’t mind missing out on the better battery life and dual camera as I rarely take pictures with my iPhone anyway.

iPhone 7

Panasonic GM1

Probably one of my favourite gadgets is this little camera. It’s incredible how small it is and how good the pictures are that come out of it. You can definitely get better pictures from other cameras but I love the GM1 mainly because of its size and ease of use. It fits into my jacket pocket so I can carry it around without it being a burden. The only unfortunate thing is it looks like Panasonic have stopped producing it but the GX850 is a great alternative. It’s nearly as small but much more updated.

Panasonic GM1

Bose Companion 5

My desktop speakers of choice are from Bose. The Companion 5’s are on the pricey side but the sound output is incredible. There are better options out there for the money but size and looks matter to me as well as sound quality. I’ve yet to find any speakers as small, good looking and fantastic sounding as the Bose Companion 5. They look great on nearly any desk and feel incredibly immersive.

Bose Companion 5


I prefer speakers over headphones but for those times I do use headphones my go to choice is the AIAIA TMA-2s. These are a spectacular set of modular headphones that produce incredibly clear sound. They produce great sound across all ranges and you can even change out the drivers if you like to get the style you like.


Leather Wallet

Surprised at how many people ask what wallet I use but it’s actually one from our store. Made from genuine leather and is super simple.

Genuine Leather Card Holder

That is a list of some of my most used gear. I don’t travel often so I don’t have much travel gear. If you have any questions or think I might have missed something, leave a comment below!

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  1. hi, whats kind of leather mat you have on your desk? thats a lovely look. looking for one for my home.

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