Bang & Olufsen Multiroom Setup

Bang & Olufsen need no introduction, they probably make the best looking premium speakers in the world. I’ve dreamed of working with a company like B&O for over a decade so when they got in touch with me to help them promote their multiform setup, I jumped at the chance.

A B&O engineer came to my place and put together an awesome music setup, but it weren’t any old music setup. The whole purpose of this setup was to show how a vintage record player from the 80s can be wirelessly connected up to the latest B&O tech.

The record player was a BeoSystem 6500 which was originally made from 1989. Usually you’d hook up a pair of speakers directly to the record player to hear your music, but with wireless speakers becoming the norm today how would you go about listening to your record player in another room?

B&O have come up with a system where the record player can connect to your WiFi through a converter, which is hidden behind the cabinet in the picture above.

Speakers like the BeoSound 2 and BeoPlay M5 are designed to be wireless – streaming music through services like Spotify or directly from your phone. However with B&O’s setup you can place your speakers anywhere in the house but still listen to your record player.

B&O don’t stop there though. With the BeoMusic app it goes a step further, this is where the magic happens – you can start/stop and even change tracks on your record player completely wirelessly. So no need to go to your record player to get it started, you can play your records from anywhere as long as you have the app.

You can also use the app to choose which speakers you want the music to come through. So if your record player is in the living room but you want the music to only come to the kitchen, you can do that. If you want it to play through all the speakers throughout the house, you can do that too.

As expected the finish and sound quality of every B&O product is superb. The materials used feel incredibly expensive but also very long lasting. The sound quality is impeccable and every speaker blows you away on how “big” the sound feels.

I was especially impressed with the BeoSound 2. That top metal ring you see is a volume dial which is incredibly satisfying to use. The top disc with the LED light is actually a touchpad but what makes it incredibly clever is the proximity sensor located in the speaker. You can pause and change tracks with the touchpad and the proximity sensor will detect from which direction so no need to swipe in a specific direction – absolutely genius!

7 thoughts on “Bang & Olufsen Multiroom Setup

  1. This is absolutely my dream setup. Everyone’s actually, I would say. I just got into the B&O world and couldn’t be happier.
    Are the products a bit expensive? Yes.
    Did I need to save some to buy my H4? Yes.
    But boy do these guys work!

    Quality and Design right here!

  2. Amazing!
    Still have a Beosystem 5000 at home. Does this system work too?
    Would be great to integrate that with other modern B&O components!

  3. Hi Oliur,

    I also have the Beosystem 6500 and would love to connect it to my Beosound 2. Can you explain exactly how to connect them? I guess you need a 1611 converter and a network converter?

    Thanks in advance!!

  4. Sounds really great.
    Which kind of converter is used?
    I’m having a Beosystem 5000, a little older than Beosystem 6500 😉 and it’s using a older version of masterlink, so maybe it’s not possible to connect wirelessly.

  5. Wow this is awesome! I have a 9000 CD changer and beolab 1 speakers. Would love to keep using this equipment but bring it into today’s environment by doing exactly what you did.

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