$30 Earbuds That Are Actually Worth Buying

After posting these earbuds on my Instagram story I was inundated with messages asking about them and where I get them from – so I thought it’s only right I do a mini-review of them.

I was looking for a pair of wireless earbuds for the gym and was considering the more high-end market such as Jaybirds, Bang & Olufsen and others. I wouldn’t say I’m a full on audiophile but I do care about high quality audio. I’m the type of guy that won’t bother listening to the car stereo if the speakers are shit, I’d rather sit in silence than ruin my favourite songs. However the high-end brands are quite a commitment for something that I only wanted for gym use. I don’t wear earbuds or headphones any other time.

I ended up taking a chance and looked for some cheap ones on Amazon and got these without looking too much into them, it was a very impulse purchase.

The packaging was underwhelming, coming in a cheap cardboard box but then I weren’t expecting much for the price.

You get a micro USB charging cable, various tips and of course the headphones.

Upon wearing them and using them for the first time at the gym I was pretty blown away. They fit nice and snug into my ear blocking out a lot of the noise you’d hear in a gym environment. Due to them being earbuds you get a lot of low end which I like – I listen to a lot of hip hop, rap, R&B…etc. My main use for them though was podcasts and they’re fantastic for that.

Each earbud has a magnet on the back so when not in use you can just attach them together. Neat and useful.

Battery life on them is ok. Not awful but not anything amazing either. The Amazon listing says 5 hours and I’d say I’m getting around that.

So yeah if you’re looking for a cheap pair of earbuds you don’t care too much about, these are worth more than the low price they go for.

Amazon Link – US
Amazon Link – UK

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