I’m Oliur — a designer and creator.

I started as a visual designer, but now I do a mix of everything from media production to running e-commerce stores.


YouTube / Tech ->

I upload videos covering premium tech, design and lifestyle.

YouTube / Business & Finance ->

I upload videos covering business and finance related topics.

The Manual ->

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ULX Store ->

Premium products in the technology and lifestyle space.

Video Creator Course ->

A course sharing how to be your own video creator.

Lightroom Presets Collection ->

A series of Lightroom presets custom made from years of editing photos.

Wallpapers ->

I design and make popular wallpapers for desktops and mobile.


Influx Wallpaper Pack ->

The Influx wallpaper pack. Featuring 20 different mobile and desktop wallpapers. Each wallpaper has a unique style and color combination….

Acrylic Paint Wallpaper Pack ->

The Acrylic Paint wallpaper pack, featuring 17 different desktop and 15 different mobile wallpapers, going up to a whopping 6K…

Iceland Wallpaper Pack ->

Incredible collection of photos shot in Iceland. Some of these wallpapers are a whopping 9K resolution, ideal for cropping in…