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I'm Oliur -- a designer and creator.

I started as a visual designer making websites and doing UI design for businesses and companies, but now I do a mix of everything from media production to running e-commerce stores. I also make YouTube videos on tech, business and finance. I’m from the UK but am currently living in Dubai.


Creative agency making high quality, professional content for businesses.

Monthly newsletter sharing stories, experiences and links to interesting things.

Uploading videos covering premium tech, design and lifestyle.

Uploading videos covering business and finance related topics.

Premium prints of photos I’ve taken over the years.

A course on creating high quality video for both commercial and personal purposes.

A series of Lightroom presets custom made from years of editing photos.

Designing and making premium wallpapers for desktops and mobile.

The Manual

A monthly newsletter sharing experiences, stories and links to interesting things. I don’t share this stuff anywhere else.


A breakdown of all of the camera gear I use to make content across my socials.

Listing all of my stocks and shares as well as the platform I use.

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