I’m Oliur — a designer and creator based in the UK. I started as a visual designer, but now I do a mix of everything from media production to running e-commerce stores. I also like to invest in and provide design advice to startups.


YouTube ->

I upload videos covering premium tech, design and lifestyle.

The Manual ->

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Teaching ->

I teach small classes on Skillshare.

ULX Store ->

Premium products in the technology and lifestyle space.

Lightroom Presets Collection ->

A series of Lightroom presets custom made from years of editing photos.

Design Work ->

I share selected design work on my Dribbble profile. You'll mainly find web and mobile based projects.

Photography Work ->

You can see some of my selected photography work for various brands over the years.

RedesignManual ->

A design guide teaching others how to design.


Distortion Wallpaper Pack ->

The Distortion wallpaper pack. 10 wallpapers at 6k resolution that have futuristic distortion effects. Perfect for desktops and mobile. For…

Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone ->

I’ve put together a new Skillshare class going through how I take and edit pictures with my iPhone. I go…

iPhone 13 Pro Camera Review ->

I seem to keep jumping between the line of hobbyist and pro when it comes to photography. I take on…

Cover image for the gradient wallpaper pack

Gradient Blur Wallpaper Pack ->

The gradient blur wallpaper pack. 20 wallpapers at 5.6k resolution with soft color blurs and deep blacks. Perfect for desktops…